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Career in law field has ever been the most challanging era in the Indian socio economic field. As the law has its presence in every facet of society so this has been said to be a ever changing career. One can choose for the Corporate aspect of law, Judicial services, PSUs although, the widely chosen criteria is pacticing law as a legal professional. Being and good professional need good drafting, vetting, compiling of relavant judgments, and at the most good arguementation skill. Law is ever changing and most competative era, where judgments are daily being delivered in the different Courts and the Apex Court. Good professinals have a sharp eye on the daily judgments delivered in different High Courts and the Apex Court. Apart from Professinal ethics it requires impressive Court craft. You may build and very successfull career in this noble profession.


The firm is happy to just accept law and management course students for brief term internships. The individual should be serious of a career .


The Firm prefers to recruit from people who have antecedently interned with them. just in case of senior associates, our general approach would be to initial supply a brief term assignment. we tend to believe the initial interactions these Agift ar valuable for either side in taking the link forward.
We may mention that we tend to do not have frequent vacancies and thus apologize before if associate expression of interest is not acknowledged / more experienced. As and once there is a vacancy we might get connected (with people who could suit our needs).


Interested candidates could please write to us recruitment@lawyerspremier.co.in along side elaborate resume application.

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